Nathanael Howell Assistant Designated Safeguarding Lead & Careers Lead stated, Unity Academy Year 7 students embarked on an exhilarating journey into the world of careers at a special event hosted by the University of Central Lancashire (UCLAN) today. The young scholars participated in captivating sessions on photography and DNA extraction, immersing themselves in these intriguing fields.

Under the guidance of skilled mentors, the students delved into the art of photography, exploring the power of imagery and unleashing their creativity behind the camera lens. From mastering composition to experimenting with lighting, they discovered the endless possibilities that await in the realm of visual storytelling.

In another thrilling session, the students ventured into the realm of science as they learned the intricate process of DNA extraction. Donning lab coats and safety goggles, they eagerly wielded pipettes and test tubes, witnessing first-hand the marvels of biotechnology. As DNA strands emerged before their eyes, the students were captivated by the wonders of genetic science and its potential to shape the future.

Beyond the hands-on experiences, the career day at UCLAN provided invaluable insights into the myriad pathways leading to university and beyond. Dispelling myths and misconceptions, the students discovered a world of opportunities awaiting them, each session opening new doors and igniting their passion for learning.

As they bid farewell to UCLAN, the Unity Academy Year 7 students departed with newfound knowledge, inspiration, and a clearer vision of the exciting career paths that lie ahead. Armed with curiosity and determination, they are now better equipped to navigate the journey towards their dreams.