ARMFIELD ACADEMY IS NOW OPEN for Reception and Year 7 students!

Mr Mark Kilmurray, Head of School said: "Opening the doors of Armfield Academy to our Year 7 Students for the very first time has been exciting and the culmination of a tremendous amount of hard work.  Our parents have been incredibly understanding with the pre-opening arrangements but above all their support has been overwhelming.  That support was realised on Monday morning at 8:30AM earlier this week.  The Year 7 students have embraced our values and from Day 1 have actively bought into the very standards that we have set.  The students are impeccably smart in their new school uniforms.  They have all been punctual showing an enthusiasm and desire to learn. Our staff have very quickly been able to establish basic classroom routines and get on with the job of teaching; the most important reason why we are all here; to educate our students.  Naturally, our young people are still finding their way around the school but they have all found the 4G pitch for lunchtime break which they really enjoy playing on.  Many of our students are actively supporting their academy with the planning of clubs and after-school activities, through various roles and responsibilities, which with the support of staff they themselves will lead.  We could not be happier with our first few days.  Staff and students are all working incredibly hard and we look forward to welcoming our Reception children who will be starting on Monday 10th September."